I feel kind of ill today, which is an especially lousy feeling to have when traveling. I was going to do a second hike today but I don’t think I’m up to it. Now the question it what I will do for the next 7 hours before the bus comes in a tiny town with, soon, no hotel room in which to set up my laptop.

I was just thinking about yesterday’s hike and musing that, although I have previously disparaged hiking alone, it has some distinct advantages (which, to some extent, apply to traveling alone in general): you can get grumpy and no one is around to notice or be affected; you can get lost and backtrack a lot (which I did for about the first hour yesterday trying to find the trailhead) without anyone getting mad or negatively assessing your sense of direction; you can eat questionable things like peanut butter and jelly tortillas and tuna from the can without being judged, and you can sing along loudly to the songs in your head, pausing and rewinding to correct the wrong notes, without disturbing anyone’s peace and quiet.

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