Music and stuff

It turns out these earphone-earplugs I got for the trip are really great. On the plane they block out an impressive amount of engine rumble — enough so that music is coherent at pretty low volume. I mean, I can hear all the instruments and frequencies without straining, and I’ve never been able to do that before on an airplane, even with isolating headphones. On the bus they essentially eliminated background noise; I might as well have been listening on my home stereo. They are surprisingly comfortable too, much more so than my regular earplugs. The sound quality is very good with all of the frequencies clear, except the sound is a slight bit flat (cold?) — like music played through a subwoofer-satellite system. But overall, I’m enjoying the new gadget.

On a loosely-related note, I talked to a middle-aged Norwegian man last night who also plays drums and keyboard. His English was about is good as my Spanish, which is to say, pretty limited, but I gleaned that his hero is Johnny Cash(!) and he’s been to Nashville twice, once actually meeting the Man in Black. He was baffled that I didn’t know Alan Jackson, his second favorite musician (apparently he is a popular country musician with many hits in the 90′s).

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