Don’t try this at home, kids

I’m pretty much ecstatic to be on the Internet right now, and fairly surprised that this hotel/hostel in a small mountain town has free wireless. It turns out that my voltage converted doesn’t fit in most Norwegian plugs, and my devices were dying off one by one as they ran out of batteries and I couldn’t recharge them. My mp3 player went last night and I was pretty sad about that today when for some reason I had a bunch of songs going through my head and an intense desire to listen to them.

There are definitely no adapters to be found in this little town, so I got proactive. I remembered reading in wikipedia that the voltage that some European countries use the same voltage standard but have a recessed housing, which is what they look like here. [photopress:adapter_assembly.jpg,thumb,floatleft] So I just need a way to connect the pins in the wall to the the pins in the adapter. I have no tools because of the fricking airplane rules, so I picked up a cheap steak knife from the supermarket. The lynch-pin was the extension cord I found at the convenience store. I cut off the female end and stripped it with the knife. But the color conventions of the wires are different. I seemed to remember from wikipedia that green is ground, (or “earth” — nice mnemonic), but to be sure — I’m a little proud of this — I touched the pins to my camera battery and shorted the blue and brown wires to look for a spark and see which wires were hot (I was right). I attached the bare wires to the adapter pins with bandage tape I had in my bag. The last thing was to try it out on my least valuable device. I decided that was my cell phone. I tried it and … not even a spark. It works fine. I charged up my music player a bit and listened to a few songs I was craving. Then I attached the cord to my laptop and here I am. It’s not a what I’d call a “robust” solution, but it works for now.

  1. #1 written by Moira June 18th, 2006 at 08:27

    You so have MacGyver beat. So, maybe he could do the power adapter rigging. But no way he’d have a clue about blogging.

    RE Q

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