No more soda in schools

I’m generally pretty skeptical about corporate willingness to solve the problems they create. As a policy analyst I am a strong proponent of policy intervention when the profit motive fails to produce the best outcome for society. After reading Fast Food Nation and seeing Supersize Me, I became convinced that the practices of large corporations are important causes of the obesity epidemic. When schools started banning soda and junk food, it seemed like the appropriate response. Of course, it’s a tough battle to fight in every school district, since schools get a kickback from soda and junk food sales, and most schools are hard-up for cash.

But in a new twist, the three corporations responsible for more than 90% of soda sales in schools have agreed to stop selling it there, replacing sweetened drinks with bottled water and juice. Apparently all it took was smooth words from our old pal Bill Clinton and the threat of massive litigation. Read all about it in the Times.

The threat of a lawsuit is so often used against The People by corporations; it’s nice to see the tables turned now and then.

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