Coffee alone

courtyard from window
Like misery, bad habits love company. Conversely, being the only one in the household to drink coffee makes it much less fun, especially when other members of the household can’t stand the smell of it. While home for break, I’ve tried to limit my coffee consumption to mornings when I need that bit of liquid motivation to get some schoolwork done. By now, the tail end of break, I’m a caffein lightweight, so after two half-cups of coffee I’m positively buzzing. Hence I am doing crazy things like adding Friendster friends and writing blog posts.

One nice thing about “working” here in my former bedroom is the really nice view of a courtyard outside my window. It’s not a view I had growing up (my parents’ house has been steadily stepping up in classiness since I left for college), but I enjoy it. It’s nice at night as well, when Christmas lights give it a liminal glow and reflect off the dewy surfaces.

This being my last post before packing up and heading back east, I might as well put up some other photos from my stay.


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