Air conditioning and the rise of conservatism

I always felt there was something morally suspect about air conditioning. And yet here in the former swamp of the District, I submit. Check this half-serious Salon article: Does air conditioning make people vote Republican?.

  1. #1 written by Amy the Archivist September 6th, 2008 at 16:32

    Interesting article, although it sort of was missing a convincing middle part. It shows a shift in voting and population, but not who moved and why they vote Republican and whether they switched parties after a/c.
    I’m not sure it’s possible to live in DC without air conditioning. I don’t like to even visit without it. Nasty swampy territory, it’s no wonder Maryland and Virginia let it go.
    If natural temps prevailed, I think more people would live here in Roanoke. Decently cool summers and a stiff, Yankee-work-ethic inducing chill wind in the winter (without blizzards.)

    RE Q

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