Personal website of Joshuah Stolaroff • environmental scientist, writer, musician


I lead the carbon capture program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and run related projects at the intersection of advanced manufacturing and clean energy. My current work focuses on policy and technology for CO2 removal from the air, 3D-printed reactors for CO2 absorption, and 3D-printed heat exchangers for advanced power generation. I specialize in climate-related systems analysis, process design for clean energy, and mass transfer in CO2 capture systems. My past work covers climate policy, methane mitigation, commercial drones, and urban sustainability.

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I play keyboard and other things. I co-founded Strangelove Labs and previously drummed for Pittsburgh-based rock band Restive. I made a few silly music videos.


I write science fiction. My first published short story appeared in Issue 10 of Planet Scumm. I recently completed my first novel, a post-climate change sci-fi western called Desert Crossing (not yet released).